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New Families

Welcome to Lakeridge Elementary! We are so glad you are here. We want to introduce you to the Lakeridge Family and hope this page provides helpful information.

If You are New This Fall

We have a new principal coming this year – welcome Heidi Jenkins!

New Family Welcome Coffee  Please join us for a welcome coffee for all new families, including Kindergartners, to learn more about the school and meet other new families. Please check our calendar for other upcoming events.

Do you have a 5th Grader? If so, please review this information pertaining to 5th Graders.


IMPORTANT! – There are a lot of events and clubs that seem like they are school-sponsored events but are actually sponsored by the PTA. Due to legal restrictions (FERPA), we the PTA, cannot obtain your contact information until 5-10 days after school has started. If you want to receive communications about these events and programs before school starts, you have to OPT IN.  Please sign up so you don’t miss important information about our school activities.  If you have any questions, please contact our New Families Chair.

School Calendar. There are a few online calendars; Mercer Island School District (MISD) and the Lakeridge PTA Calendar. The MISD Calendar has additional events that don’t pertain just to Lakeridge. The PTA Calendar on this website is typed in manually by a PTA volunteer. We select only events that pertain to Lakeridge. This one page MISD calendar is a good one to print out and have on your wall.

Sign Up For The Lakeridge newsletter, “The Lion’s ROAR.”  Our school newsletter comes out approximately every two weeks with great information on upcoming events and activities for your child and family. Parents who are signed up for the Lion’s Roar will also receive other important school communications. Subscribe now!

Sign Up for Emergency Notifications – Information on school outages and other emergencies will be posted to the Public Schools Emergency Communication System by 5:30a.m. by Mercer Island’s Superintendent. Sign up for Mercer Island emergency notifications at FlashAlert .

Sign Up For Skyward Family Access – Skyward Family Access is our state-wide student information system. With Skyward, you will get online access to your child’s report cards and you can monitor and add to your child’s food service account via credit card. To sign up, please contact Mary Newcomer with the MISD at 236-3330.

Lakeridge Absentee Line  – The purpose of this program is to alert parents when their child is not present at school and there has been no notification to the school of the child’s absence by the parents or guardians of the child. If your child will be absent please call, 206-236-3376 and leave a message with the following information.

    • Your name
    • Your child’s name
    • Child’s teacher
    • Reason for absence/tardiness and how long the child will be absent

Other helpful phone numbers

    • Lakeridge Main Office: 206-236-3415
    • Nurse Line: 206-230-6231
    • Bus Transportation:  206-236-3338.

Get a Student Directory – Each year a Lakeridge Student and Staff Directory is available for Lakeridge PTA members. To get access to the password-protected online directory, Join the PTA. You can join the PTA and get access to the directory any time of year.

Important Action Items

Opt-in For Lakeridge PTA Communications. See above.

Buy School Supplies, Pay Fees, and Join the PTA – One of the first steps for all families (both new and returning) is to go to the Fees /Ask Campaign page. Here you will buy school supplies and pay student fees for field trips. You will also be able to join the Lakeridge and WA State PTA. Becoming a member means you will have the opportunity to vote on programs and spending priorities at our school. Finally, you have the opportunity to make a real difference for your child through the Lakeridge PTA Ask Campaign. The Ask replaces other fundraising activities (auctions, gift wrap and candy bar drives, etc.). The suggested donation will help fund the outstanding programs at Lakeridge.

Nice To Know

“No School – Teacher Conferences” – Parent-teacher conferences are in the late fall and consequently there are several half days or no-school days. Please note that a “half day” means noon release. These days may vary year to year. Please plan your child care accordingly and look closely at elementary teacher conference dates on the MISD calendar.

After School Activities – Lakeridge offers before and after school enrichment programs and student clubs.  Some of these programs require beginning of the year registration and/or beginning of the trimester registration. Contact the program coordinator of your specific program or the PTA Enrichment VP for enrollment information or questions. Buses also go to Youth Theatre Northwest and the JCC throughout the year. Please check with these organizations directly, however, to coordinate logistics and ask questions.

Early Release Wednesdays – Remember, school gets out at 2:05 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Doors open at 9:00 a.m. Make sure your child is not left unattended before 9:00 a.m. School starts at 9:15.

Bus Transportation –  If your student has not arrived at home from a school bus ride as expected, please call the district transportation office Dispatcher at 206-236-3338 or the Lakeridge Main Office at 206-236-3415.

Lunch and Allergies

How Do I Buy Lunch?

    • Get a Skyward account (The Lakeridge office will provide you with log in information.)
    • Visit the  Skyward parent portal
    • Click on the “Parents & Families” tab and scroll down to Skyward Family Access
    • Log in to Skyward Family Access
    • Use your Debit or Credit Card to add money. You can add money at any time.
    • Every child has a lunch card (like a credit card but their photo is on it) printed and kept at the school.

How does lunch work? Look at the lunch menu (these change every month) and decide what days your child will have lunch. Tell your child he or she will be having hot lunch today. When your child arrives at school, the teacher will ask “Who is having hot lunch today.”  The teacher will then organize the cards. At lunch time, the kids will get their cards and head to the lunch room. There is a special line the kids stand in to get hot lunch. If the kids DON’T have hot lunch, they head straight to the tables and start eating. Kids sit with their classmates. After lunch, kids clear their lunch into compost/recycling and trash bins on the way to recess. After recess, the kids pick up their lunch boxes and put them into their back packs.

Allergy Information: If your child has an allergy, you must inform the school.  If there are allergies in the classroom, no snacks will be allowed with that food.  There is a special table for children with allergies in the lunch room. There is also a food allergen sheet for hot lunch.

 Once You Are Settled

Get Involved at the School – There are so many ways to get involved at Lakeridge and it’s a great way to meet other families. To volunteer in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher. To volunteer with the PTA, refer to the PTA Team Members which includes a list of each activity and its chairperson. You can also visit the “Volunteer” page to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Complete Volunteer Training – Volunteers at Lakeridge MUST complete volunteer training each year before they can start any type of volunteering at the school, including field trips. The volunteer training presentation and required forms are available online for your convenience.

Special Information for Parents of Kindergartners

Summer playgroups  If you are interested in joining our incoming Kindergarten playgroup, please check the Lakeridge PTA calendar. No reservations required.

Bus. If your child is taking the bus, it is best to send him or her on the bus from the start. People will be greeting buses to help kids find their classes. This help might not be provided all week. If you drop your child off, it is probably best to park and walk your child in on the first day (though again people will be on hand to help).  Kids do not go through the main doors, they wait on the OUTSIDE of the classroom until doors open at 9:00.

You must be at the bus stop to greet your kindergartner. The bus driver is not allowed to drop off a kindergartner alone at the bus stop.

Did you know parents can ride bus first day? If you have a kindergartner, you can ride the bus to school with your child and help them get to class. Transportation home is not provided for parents.

Volunteer in your kindergartner’s classroom. Kids love to see their parents at school. During curriculum night, you will be provided with opportunities to volunteer at school. Volunteer opportunities include room parent, reading with children, and party help.  Your teacher might have other opportunities available.

Lunch. For most kindergartners, it is easier for the child if you pack a lunch the first few days. If that isn’t in the cards, you can sign up for hot lunch (see above).

Are we missing something? If you feel something is missing on this page, please contact the webmaster and she will ensure your information is added.

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