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Where Does Your Money Go?

1.   Learning Support (60% of Ask dollars)

This cost per student funds 17.5 hours of para pro (classroom aids & other staff) per day.Our PTA budget supports funding of our para pro members at Lakeridge to provide individualized early literacy support to students and to run before and after school academic enrichment programs. Support for early literacy allows teachers to spend more time with each of your children. Your dollars will continue to fund the work in the work room supporting our teachers as well as fund additional supervision in the lunchroom and on the playground at recess, which has led to great success in reducing the number of playground incidences and allows the teachers to spend that time planning.

2.  Curriculum and Enrichment (25% of Ask dollars)

In Class Curriculum Enrichment – for visiting professionals that come to your child’s classroom who bring “learning to life”

Assemblies – valuable learning sessions for the entire school featuring professional presenters to enhance curriculum

Art Enrichment

*Art Showcase – supplies for all island art show for your child’s work to be on display at the high school

* Reflections Art Contest

Science Enrichment

* Science Fair/ Science Event  – operation funds to help with the annual science event open to all Lakeridge Students

*New Science Curriculum – funds to assist in the review, development, and/or purchase of a new science curriculum

*STEM Enrichment

Grants – process for parents and staff to request monies for enrichment items. In the past this has funded the 3rd grade Seattle Opera enhancement, classroom libraries, social skills programs, computer-aided reading, etc.

Green Team – Learning Garden, Compostable or Reusable Party Supplies, Earth Week

Student Council – expenses for special projects directed by students

Student Safety

*Bicycle Rodeo – safety-focused activity for 3rd grade

*Stipend for Kiss ‘n Go assistance

*Safety Patrol – funds for flags, vests and year end event for volunteer participants

Stipends – awarded to teachers to support extracurricular activities like K-Kids, Rocket Club, Steel Drum Band and Student Council


3.   Parent and Teacher Support (15% of Ask dollars)

Parent and Family Support

*Social Events (Welcome Coffee, New Family Coffees, Family Bingo Night)

*Parent Education – speaking events by national authors held throughout the school year

*New Families Program – playground events held after school at the start of the year to meet new parents and kids

*Membership Communication (Directory, Roar Newsletter, Website hosting)

Teacher and Staff Support

*Teacher Supplies – supplies and/or equipment for each classroom

*Awards and Appreciation – events like Staff Appreciation Week activities

*Administrative and other operations expenses like PTA education classes, Tax filing, PayPal, etc.

Legislative Advocacy – locally and in Olympia



Guiding Principles

1. The amount to be raised will be a joint effort between fundraising and programs. We will not raise money for its own sake and program budgets will be set with fundraising levels in mind. Our biggest fundraiser is the Lakeridge Ask Campaign where the Lakeridge PTA asks each family to donate at one of three donation levels (Pride Leader, Big Cat or Lion).

2. Lakeridge parents desire to focus their volunteer time towards activities that support their children, staff and parent peers. The need to volunteer to assist with fundraising activities should be minimal compared to other volunteering opportunities.

3. We will strive to increase the percentage of families donating to support PTA programs. Our goal is 100% family participation.

4. We will avoid the use of competitive fundraisers that encourage our children to sell or buy items.

5. Fundraising vendors should be evaluated not only on price and service, but also on other factors such as whether or not they are local or not-for-profit.


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