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Mercer Island Schools Foundation

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation (MISF) and the PTA at every school work year-round raising money to ensure an excellent education for all Mercer Island students. We would like to provide some clarity about the difference between donations that you are asked to make each year. It is our hope that every family will participate in donating to the MISF and their schools’ PTAs to ensure a world-class education for students today and for years to come.

What is the difference between the PTA “Ask Campaign” and the MISF Campaigns?

Donations to the Lakeridge PTA Ask Campaign support learning and enrichment programs at our school. Donations to the MISF benefit all students at every school in our district.

Why are you being asked to give money for public education?

The answer is simple. Mercer Island schools have been underfunded by the state for decades. Community investment provides the additional revenue and critical leverage to guarantee that the Mercer Island School District has the ability to maximize all available budgets. We must continue to invest in exceptional education, which has defined our community for many years.

Did you know that Mercer Island ranks 291 out of 300 school districts in per student in state funding? It is the generosity of this community that provides the fulcrum to enhance excellence in every school, lifting our district from 291st to 163rd out of the 300 school districts in Washington State. However, we are aiming higher than “middle-of-the-pack.” As you can see every dollar donated truly makes a difference!

What are the main MISF Campaigns?

FALL – “All In For Kids” Phone-A-Thon ($500/student suggested donation) – This event fuels academic achievement and excellence with new curriculum, textbooks, innovative enrichment grants, fine art support, programs for students who learn differently and teacher professional development. Your friends, neighbors, students, administrators, and even teachers will be calling you – please give them your support!

SPRING – Bridge Campaign/Breakfast of Champions ($500/student suggested donation) – This campaign provides leverage to ensure the MISD delivers rigorous, enriching experiences for every student in every grade, with the best teachers to foster exceptional teaching and learning at every school. Everyone is invited to the Breakfast, and those who cannot attend can donate online.

The MISF suggested donation amount can be given in one amount, split between the events, or divided into equal monthly payments. Click here for more info on the MISF campaigns.

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