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Lakeridge PTA Events

***To view the LIVE calendar with SPECIFIC DATES and TIMES for the current year, CLICK HERE.***

Below is a snapshot of major PTA-sponsored events you’ll find throughout the year. These are approximate times of the year that the events happen. Please refer to the calendar for a full list of events (both school and PTA sponsored) throughout the year.

Did you know there is difference between PTA and SCHOOL sponsored events? Sometimes it’s confusing to know who’s in charge of what. As a PTA we try to communicate everything about what’s happening at the school and the school will also communicate about some PTA events so many times it seems intertwined. But there is a distinction and it’s important to know what your PTA dollars and donations go towards.


    • Welcome Coffee 

      • Typically held the first day of school. Come and meet other parents, find out about clubs, after-school activities, ways to get involved, etc.


    • Fall Family Picnic 

      • This is a family favorite. It’s a community building event that kicks off the new school year with a way to reconnect with friends that you haven’t seen over the summer. You’ll also meet new friends. There are bouncy houses, food, music, games and more. Come start the year off with some community fun!
    • New Family Coffee

      • Come meet other new families new to the school or the district. It’s a good networking opportunity.
    • Third Grade Bicycle Rodeo

      • This annual fun and educational event occurs during the school day. Third graders bring their bicycles to school and learn about bike safety. After the rodeo and with parent approval, they are qualified to ride their bikes to school.


    • Kindergarten Story Night

      • Your kindergartner gets to come hear stories read by our librarian and our principal. It’s quite a treat.


    • Fall Pancake Breakfast

      • Come have breakfast with your friends and teachers before school. Pancakes, bacon, fruit and of course coffee for the parents. This is a community-building event not to be confused with the Mercer Island Schools Foundation fundraiser drive (ie. so you don’t need to bring your checkbooks!)
    • Island Books Fundraiser – Morning and Night

      • Get gifts early for the holiday season and support Lakeridge at the same time. You will support both a great local bookstore and your school. A portion of the money spent at Island Books goes directly to Lakeridge.


  • 5th Grade Camp Overnight

      • The 5th graders get a special 2-3 day trip.
      • This is a joint effort by both the teachers/district and PTA to help organize this trip.
      • International Night

        • Come experience your friends’ varied cultures. If you have an international background that you’d like to share, volunteer to host a booth. You can share your ethnic food, cultural traditions, and interesting facts about where you or your family comes from. We have so many countries represented. There’s music and tasty food!



      • Family Bingo Night 

        • An evening event for Lakeridge students and families to play bingo and win prizes. A great tradition at Lakeridge!
      • 5th Grade Musical

        • Come see the 5th graders perform in a musical show. See how hard they work all year! This is a joint effort by both the music teachers and PTA volunteers.


      • Science Fair

        • Kids come up with a science project that they share with judges.


      • Parent Party

        •  Book your sitters and come out for a fun evening and get to know your fellow Lakeridge parents!
      • 5th Grade End-of-Year Celebration


      • All School Musical (District)

        • This is mainly run by the music teachers but the PTA will put together a slide show for all the outgoing 5th graders. It’s also a time to thank some of our outstanding volunteers.

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