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Packing List for Camp Colman

What to Bring to Camp Colman?

A few words of advice:
• Activities happen rain or shine so be sure to pack appropriately!
• Bring old clothes – new clothes come home from camp looking very old!
• Please mark all articles of clothing with your child’s name.
Please note that students and chaperones are limited to one suitcase.

Required Items:

Sack lunch (for the first day only)- nut free, disposable

• Warm Sleeping bag
• Pillow

• Rain coat/poncho
• Warm coat and sweater or sweatshirt
• Pajamas
• Closed toe shoes (tennis shoes or boots)
• Daily change of socks and underwear, plus one extra
• Heavy and light shirts
• Long pants
• Hat and gloves in cool weather
• Shorts (in warm weather)
• Plastic bag for dirty clothes
• Towel
• Toothpaste and toothbrush
• Soap, washcloth
• Shampoo, brush or comb
• Swimsuit (not for swimming, but for showers, if your child wants to shower)

Camping Equipment:
• Water bottle for hiking
• Small backpack for carrying extra jacket, water, journal etc.
• Paper with pencils or pens
• Flashlight or headlamp
• Second pair of shoes (just in case…)
• Books for downtime
• Tissues
• Chapstick, sunscreen (in warm weather)

• Stuffed animal
• Shower sandals
• Inexpensive or disposable camera (label with name and school)

What NOT to Bring:
× Money or other valuables
× Food, candy, gum, or beverages other than water (There are forest animals just waiting for such a delicious snack!)
× Electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, iPods, or handheld gaming devices – and no cell phones
× Fishing rods, bikes, roller blades, skateboards, pets
× Medication, painkillers, or vitamins (All needed items should be given to the medical volunteer ahead of time. Paperwork is required.)
× Knives, matches, or fireworks

When in doubt, ask yourself, “Would this item be appropriate at school?”
If the answer is “no,” don’t bring it!

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