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Parent FAQ about Camp Colman

YMCA Camp Colman – Outdoor Environmental Education Program

Where is Camp Colman?

Camp Colman is situated on the western shore of the Key Peninsula, fronting Case Inlet and Whiteman Cove on the southern end of the Puget Sound. Nestled among 110 acres of forest, Colman has over a half mile of beach and a warm saltwater lagoon that reflects the spectacular sunset views of the Olympic Mountains. Driving times are 45 minutes from Tacoma, 60 minutes from Bremerton, and 90 minutes from Seattle or Olympia.

Where will my child stay while at camp?

Campers will stay in one of Camp Colman’s winterized cabins. The cabins are enclosed and have fourteen – sixteen bunks each. All cabins have electricity, a private bathroom with a hot shower, a propane stove, and a covered deck. Teachers are responsible for cabin assignments. All participants should bring their own blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, towels, etc. (see Packing List for more detailed list).

What should my child bring to camp?

Be sure to send clothes appropriate for all types of weather. Rain gear/boots are a must because classes still go on rain or shine. Enough warm clothing should also be sent. Old clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty in is best suited for camp.

What do I do about my child’s medication while at camp?

A school representative (Nurse or teacher) will be designated to dispense your child’s medication. You should send medications to the school with proper labeling and instructions. In many cases, a prescription is required even for over the counter medications to be dispensed. Please check with your school to find out the district policy.

What if my child needs medical attention?

The school will bring all supplies, a vehicle for emergencies, and at least on person to act as first aid dispenser. In the case of emergencies a call to 911 will bring a quick response, EMS is located 7-9 minutes away. Injured or sick children will be taken to the nearest hospital in Gig Harbor.

Can I call my child while at camp?

We ask that you call camp in case of emergency only. If you do have an emergency, you can call the camp at 253-884-3844. There is also a Director on Duty phone that is always worn by a member of the leadership staff. The number is 206-390-9838. Please leave a detailed message with a number to return your call.


What if my child has special dietary needs?

Please let your teachers know of any allergies or dietary restrictions. Please be very specific. Your teacher will communicate this information to camp and should ask parents for this when collecting medical information and other camp specific information. If your child’s allergy is severe or complex, please give your contact information to your teacher so he/she can get in contact with the OEE Director at camp. The Director of Food Services will then contact those with severe allergies or complex diets. Vegetarian alternatives are part of the menu as long as the request is made in advance.

Topics of Conversation for After the Camp Experience:

While at camp, your child will have many “firsts” that will invariably come with memorable stories. For many students, it may be the first time they spend a night away from home or experience a climbing wall. You may want to ask about sharing a cabin with other students or eating in a large group. Your student may have boldly tried different foods at camp or walked more miles than in the last month. Your child has probably strengthened relationships with classmates and formed new ones.

Your child will have experienced learning in a totally new environment. The classes may have included a team-building class where you child learned to solve problems in a group. Your child may have discovered new animals on the beach or in our marine center. Maybe your child learned to appreciate nature through the trees in the forest, the sunset on the beach, or the plants in the garden. The learning experience may have been more powerful than just understanding the many important concepts; your child may have discovered that learning is fun!

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