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Science Fair

Pages not updated for 2017-18 School YearMr. Rundle with participant

Challenge Your Mind, Satisfy Your Curiosity!
Come and join us to have some fun with your mind.  Either as a presenter or as a spectator, we guarantee you will learn something new.  The enthusiasm demonstrated by these bright children is contagious!

Date: 2018 TBD
Time: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (student check-in begins at 4:45 p.m.)
Location: Islander Middle School

Cost: FREE!  We sell project boards and t-shirts to defray the costs- please have payment information ready before registration.

Questions?: Contact a member of the committee at sciencefair@lakeridgepta.org or enrichment@lakeridgepta.org.

About the Lakeridge Science Fair

Lakeridge Science Fair is a noncompetitive event designed to teach students the true nature of science: how fun it is to ask questions and answer them yourself! Every student will have a chance to present their project and discuss their findings. A certificate and a Special Science Fair award will be awarded to each child at the end of the event.

The first Mercer Island Science Fair started at Island Park Elementary School in 2004. This event was expanded in 2007 when Lakeridge and West Mercer Elementary Schools joined forces to form the first All-Island Science Fair. This event attracted close to 300 entries and over 1000 spectators. In 2008, the second All-Island Science Fair was held at the Mercer Island High School on a Saturday, where almost 250 students presented close to 180 exhibits. In 2009, we decided to operate three separate Science Fairs at each of the three elementary schools to provide a more cozier setting for the students. However, in 2011 we outgrew our school and moved to Islander Middle School. In most recent years, we had close to 200 participants showing more than 160 science projects!


  1. Show kids that science can be fun and exciting.
  2. Show kids that they can ask questions about anything and discover the answers by themselves.

Benefits to Your Children

  • Encourages independent thinking: a chance to think “outside the box”
  • Opportunity to investigate and explore
  • Practice for public speaking
  • Gets them acquainted with scientific terms and thought processes

Parent Testimonials

  • ” My kids learned a ton when they did their projects.”
  • “My kids are inspired to try it next year. They had a blast just going and looking at the entries.”
  • “My child explained her project at least 20 times that evening and got better and better at her explanation and demonstration each time.”
  • “I watched my child’s discussions with the judge and couldn’t help but think that he was improving his verbal communication skills and building his self-confidence.”
  • “My child commented on the way home that the science fair was a lot more fun than he had expected.”
  • “We learned more about science and the process of conducting an experiment. We also had dinner, petted a corn snake, watched the Pacific Science Center show, and had some treats from the bake sale. Needless to say, our experience exceeded any expectations that I and my family had coming into the evening!”
  • “Our son loved the non-competitive aspect and listened intently to his judge’s feedback.”
  • “I loved the vast array of ideas that the kids came up with and their enthusiasm to share them.”


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Science Fair Registration Form

Registration is now closed.  

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Lakeridge Science Fair Calendar

Page not updated for the 2017-18 school year 2017 Science Fair Calendar February 8th: Registration begins.  Entry forms are online only via the Lakeridge PTA website. March 1st: Online registrations are due. Please register on the website. March 7th: Confirmation e-mails for the entries are sent. March 10th: Project Boards (if ordered) delivered to the …

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Science Fair Rules

How you and your child conduct your experiments is up to you – be creative!  The following rules are to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all at the Science Fair event. PLEASE READ THESE RULES CAREFULLY! 1. Safety is important! Do not begin a project without adult supervision. Adult supervision is required in the …

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Our goal for the Lakeridge Science Fair is to inspire and nurture scientific curiosity Our event is a celebration of science. Besides the student presentations, there will be exhibits and shows provided by the some of the following wonderful organizations.  Come pick up some pizza and beverage, stroll through the aisles of student presentations, and …

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Math and Environmental Special Award Guidelines

Mathematical Aspect: We are once again offering children the chance to demonstrate grade level (or higher) math skills in their project and receive a medal to recognize their efforts. Our goal is to encourage and reward kids who have built some math into their science fair projects. A Math Special Honor Award will be awarded …

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Project Boards and T-Shirts

Project boards and t-shirts can be ordered online at the time of registration; payment is through PayPal or via check to the Lakeridge PTA; please note: “Science Fair” on the check. White Project Boards are 36″ x 48” with added stability and dimension of a 36” X 10″ white title board. Each project board is …

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Judges & Other Science Fair Volunteers

Lakeridge Science Fair is an event run entirely by parent volunteers. During online registration, you will be asked to select at least one volunteer position per family. Volunteering is mandatory. Please contact the Science Fair co-chairs for more information or to volunteer for the Science Fair Committee. Parent Volunteer Opportunities include: Participation in Science Fair …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter the Lakeridge Science Fair? My child is a Kindergartner. Is she too young to participate? What if my child just wants to present his rock collection or his pet snake? What if my child does not want to participate? Could we just come and visit? Do I have to pay to enter? …

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How to conduct an experiment and prepare a scientific poster

  All scientific experiments and discoveries start with a question – and school aged children with their natural curiosity are already experts at asking questions!  The scientific method (above) is the process that helps scientists get reliable, and reproducible, answers to their questions. THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD – TRANSLATED PROBLEM – Ask a real question where …

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Idea Page – Past Projects and Web links

Resources to Inspire Young Scientists (and help to plan your project) Websites: http://www.education.com/science-fair http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas.shtml#browsealprojects http://www.sciencebob.com/sciencefair/ideas.php http://www.sciencefairadventure.com http://www.ipl.org/div/projectguide http://www.stevespanglerscience.com Many more free resources exist online; let us know your favorites and we will add them here!  Email : sciencefair@lakeridgepta.org Books:   Sample Prior Lakeridge Science Fair Entries Kindergarten Project Titles Bubbles; Growing plants;  Sea creatures habitat;  …

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