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Our goal for the Lakeridge Science Fair is to inspire and nurture scientific curiosity

Our event is a celebration of science. Besides the student presentations, there will be exhibits and shows provided by the some of the following wonderful organizations.  Come pick up some pizza and beverage, stroll through the aisles of student presentations, and watch some great science exhibits to stimulate your mind!


This Years’ Entertainment

KidsQuest Children’s Museum: Genetics and Sound

Why do you have brown eyes, curly hair, or dimples? Learn about the DNA that makes you you! We’ll make genetic jewelry to map out our dominant and recessive traits.*Students take home their own gene necklace!

Have you ever seen sound? Sound travels in waves which are invisible, but we have some great experiments that make sound you can see! Families will make their own “sound sandwich” instruments that demonstrate how vibrations make fabulous sounds! *Students take home their own musical instrument!

Key Science Topics: Physical Science | Sound Waves | Life Sciences Key Processing Skills: Observation | Cause and Effect

Paper Airplane Station

Put your design and engineering skills to the test by creating the most aerodynamic paper airplane possible!

The Infamous Egg Drop

The “Infamous Egg Drop” will return to the Lakeridge Science Fair for the fifth year! With the materials given to you, find a way to protect the egg being dropped from the lift. The first 50 kids to save the egg intact will receive special recognition!


Please stay tuned for more updates!


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