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Internal PTA Resources

These pages include resources for Lakeridge PTA Chairpeople, Project and Event Coordinators and Executive Board Members


Website Production Schedule (summer 2017):

– Two forms for FALL (Ask & Spirit Wear), and Parent Pack

— 1) ASK Form 2017-18. Need Fees and update requests from Treasurers/Presidents before testing. (5th grade Fees (sweatshirt/party/musical) incorporated into the ASK form)

– The website needs to be ready BEFORE the PARENT PACK goes out. Don’t forget to update the link to the ParentPack IMMEDIATELY after email goes out.

*June 10 Archive the newsletters. [Helen – DONE]

*June 12  Take down 2016-17 ASK form and deactivate (DONE)

*June 14 Ensure all JustHost Products/Accts are current for next 1.5 years (SSL, URL, Hosting, etc) [Kate] [DONE] 

*June 17 Put “Page not updated for the 2017-18 school year” on all pages that need to be updated (ongoing)

*June 17 Update “About Us” page / Roster as much as possible (ongoing)

*June 20 Put a schedule of when things happen over summer? e.g. roughly when parent pack is going out and Ask form and kindergarten play dates (DONE)

Aug 2 (or before) Add All Calendar items to the Events/ (Kate – DONE/ongoing)

– MISD calendar (DONE)

– PTA Calendar (done)

– Parent Edge Calendar (done)

First week of Aug– Finish/finalize 2017-18 ASK Form (Kate/Presidents/5th grade/Treasurers)

First week of Aug- Test ASK Form (Kate/Treasurers)

Aug 8 – PTA Ask form goes live for PTA VPs to test [Treasurers]

Aug 8-  Update homepage so it is back to school ready – Add Back to School Ready Blurb (Kate)

AUG 12 ASK FORM FROZEN: NO changes to forms once parents register or email goes out [Kate/Treasurers]

August 13  – First contact Email Goes Out for ASK! (Communications/Presidents/Fundraising)

August 15 “Contact us” page updated with all new names (if not done previously) (ongoing)

August 15  Make sure Fall Picnic Pages and Bike Rodeo pages are updated by owners [VPs]

August 15  Email forwards complete (if not done before) [Kate]

August 15  Extra curricular page updated [VPs]

August 19 Test all links in Parent Pack and make sure webpages for Fall are current [Helen/Kate]

August 20  Parent Pack Goes out [VP Communications]

August 30 – First Day of School Grades 1-5



August ?- Update 5th grade Camp/overnight pages [5th grade camp chairs or teachers?] 

Sept 5 – First Day of School for Kindergarten

October – Remove required button from supplies on ASK form (Kate)


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