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Room Parent

We’re so glad you’ve volunteered for Room Parent. Once all hands are raised, we will work with teachers to finalize the room parents.  Be warned – some classes will have many parents wanting to take on the role.  If that’s the case for your class, then it’s possible the teacher might do a little lottery to choose just a few room parents for the job.  And some classes might just have one or two raised hands for this awesome role.  If that’s the case for your class, then get ready to jump in!!


We will also have a sign up at the Lakeridge PTA Welcome Coffee on the first day of school.  To be inclusive of all the working parents/families, we wanted to ensure a way to sign up for all.


Lakeridge is committed to being environmentally responsible and that includes our classroom parties. Please take time to review the Green Party policy as we have switched to reusable party supplies to significantly reduce the amount of trash created.


Stay tuned for information about the Room Parent informational meeting after school starts. If your dreams come true and you are a room parent, you’ll need to be at this meeting.


Holler if you have any questions – I am here to help!!
Cameron Randall, Room Parent Coordinator


  1. Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Lead Room Parent
  3. Event Coordinator
  4. PTA Liaison
  5. Green Schools Guidelines


Room Parent Class Fund Reimbursement Process

The PTA collected funds from each parent at the start of the year for each teacher’s class fund.  This fund is to be used for class parties, recognizing the teacher’s birthday and an end of year gift.  The PTA treasurer holds the funds and a room parent can request reimbursement using the form found here:

PTA reimbursement form


Receipts will be required and please consolidate your requests where possible as we have one amazing volunteer who is writing all the checks!   Ideally limit to one request per party. Please contact the room parent coordinator with any questions.


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Letter from PTA Presidents

Dear Lakeridge Room Parents, Thank you for volunteering as a Room Parent.  One thing that makes Lakeridge Elementary such a special place is the great working relationship that exists between the parent community and staff.   Through your efforts as a room parent, you will help to make a positive difference in the academic and …

Room Parent Roles & Responsibilities

Room Parent Roles & Responsibilities   Establish initial communication with teacher to identify how the teacher likes to work with parents, communicate with parents and use parent volunteers in the classroom Establish initial communication for the class, provide class roster, phone numbers along with e-mail addresses etc. Maintain continued communication with parents, this may include communication regarding key …

Lead Room Parent

Before Curriculum Night Please contact your teacher prior to the scheduled curriculum night to discuss his/her expectations for curriculum night and your responsibilities during the school year.  Room Parent responsibilities vary from class to class so it is important to communicate with your teacher at the beginning of the year as to his/her needs. Please …

Event Coordinator

Classroom parties are essentially a break from the normal routine and a chance for the students to socialize.  Extravagant treats and elaborate parties are not necessary to meet this purpose.  Organization is, however, key. To do before Curriculum Night At the beginning of the year, before the scheduled curriculum night, please contact your teacher (in …

PTA Liaison

The vision for the evolving role of the PTA Liaison is to have a parent whose function it is to highlight the importance of PTA membership and the many services that are provided through the PTA.  The PTA Liaison will forward information from the PTA Board to the class parents and answer or forward questions …

Guidelines for Sustainable Classroom Parties

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the mindset behind parties at Lakeridge.  We have worked hard for many years to get the Level 4 certification through the King County Green Schools Program. The measure of our success is in the support we receive from our parents and teachers and in turn imparting this knowledge to our students. This …