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FAQ — Page Edits

How Do I Add a Link?

  • Highlight the copy you want linked, find the “chain icon” in the toolbar above the text box, and click it. A window will pop up. Put the link in the box and save.
  • Remember you don’t have to put you just need to put everything AFTER the .org/ to make a link WITHIN your site. If you are linking OFF Lakeridge, you need the http://www.whaterversite.

How Do I Change The Font Color?

  • Only two colors are approved for text: #1772af for headers and red for alerts (only use red for alerts and warnings)
  • Highlight what you wish to be colored
  • Click “text color” icon
  • Click the word “Custom”
  • Add 1772af next to the # and
  • Hit save

How Do I Upload an Image?

  • Make sure you have a small (100K or less) image. Even if you resize the image on the page, the image will load based on the size of the file. So a 100mb image that is one pixel will take much longer than a 100K image that is 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • Go to Media
  • Click New and Upload your file
  • If you click on the image itself, you will find the file URL for that image.

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