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How Do I Log On And Edit Pages?

How to Log On.

  1. Get a username and password by emailing
  2. Go to and log in.
  3. Once logged in, you will see the “Dashboard” in the upper left and a new black navigation bar. Click on the “dashboard” and you should have access to everything you need.
    • Note: There are different levels of permission. If you can’t do something, your permissions might be too low. Most people only have “editor” permissions and don’t have access to form data.
    • Email to increase your permissions beyond “editor.”


How Do I Edit A Page?

There are two ways to navigate to open an editor for a page so you can make edits.

  1. Navigate the page by visiting
    • Log In at
    • Once you are logged in, you will now see “Edit Page” at the top corner of each page.
    • Navigate to the page you desire to edit.
    • Click “Edit Page” and you will be taken to the Admin Tool and that page will open in the editor.
    • In the Admin Tool, you make your edit. Make sure you are in the “Visual” tab and not the text editor tab.
    • Hit the blue “Update” button.
  2.  Navigate to the page by going to the admin tool
    • Go to
    • In the black nav bar you will see “Lakeridge PTA”
    • When you mouseover your “LakeridgePTA” the term “Dashboard” appears. Click Dashboard
    • Go to “PAGES”. Once in PAGES in the Dashboard, you can either flip through and find your page or simply search within the pages tab.


Review the Style Guide

Please see the style guide so that the pages look consistent. If I find a page that doesn’t match the style guide, I will edit it.


A Few Important Tips:

  • Don’t copy and then paste directly from Microsoft Word. Please save your copy in “TEXT only” before copying into the page. If you don’t do that, a lot of hidden, non-HTML friendly tags get inserted. This results in weird looking pages on various browsers. Just because it looks good on your PC doesn’t mean it will look good on a Mac or Safari or Explorer. The less formatting inserted, the better.
  • Format your document within the page editor. E.g. add the bullets and indents within the Lakeridge Admin area, not in Word.
  • Save often! Many a time have I updated and then been booted out (grrrrr).
  • Exit your page and log out when done. Don’t freeze anyone out of a page please!
  • Use the style guide.


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