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How to Update the Constant Contact Archive Page

These instructions show how to update this page linked to from the PTA Website.

Here are the steps to archive Newsletters AND have them display on the PTA Website. It is not easy.

1) In order for an email to display on the Lakeridge PTA website you must first click the archive button when CREATING/SENDING the page. That is only step 1 of many. By archiving in the composition of the mail, you are only saving the archive within Constant Contact.

2) To get the links to appear on the PTA Website, you need to go to Constant Contact, click the “Email” tab, and click “Archive” in the menu. A page will display.

3) Click “Edit Archive Homepage” (Note: this page can only be opened in Firefox, not Chrome)

4)  Scroll to the “E-Newsletter” section and click the pencil over the paper button (“Edit this block” will appear if your mouse hovers over the icon).  Click that button.

5) Click the “add more Archive blocks” link. And a window pops up with a list of all the emails archived in step #1 above.  Click the ones you want to publish and click the “Activate Archives” link.

6)  You must hit SAVE.

7) NOT DONE YET! You MUST hist the “UPDATE HOMEPAGE” button on the next page that displays.

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