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Action Items for the 2015-16 School Year






Wishful thinking People to run the website. 🙂


Position Area Person
General Webmaster Person who knows all things about the site, site design, navigation, widgets, plug ins, settings, does updates, performance issues, is contact for all things in a pinch, communicates with other schools in a pinch. Kristin
Web Editor 1 Content: Homepage, Calendar, General Help, Train VPs, help pages Leigh
Web Editor 2 Content: Homepage, Calendar, General Help, Train VPs, help pages
Forms Form Creation, Testing, Excel Report Distribution in a pinch  Kate
Forms Form Testing, Excel Report Distribution
 PayPal Deal with PayPal issues and CS as they relate to forms
 Mobile App Set up, update, mobile app
Contacts (JustHost & Users) Deals with Contacts: 1) Just host: Set up forwards, CS, email support & 2) Sets up New Users in WordPress, 3) maintains Contact Us page
Back2School Update site last day of school, set up site by August 15
Back2School Update site last day of school, set up site by August 15
Manage the production schedule  Sally

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Golden Acorn – Jennie King

Jennie is mom to Addison (Grade 5) and Griffin (Grade 4) and has volunteered countless hours at Lakeridge. She has served as room parent, Read Naturally Volunteer (even in classes where she doesn’t have a child!), 5th Grade Programs Director, PTA President, School Advisory Committee Chair and co-chair for the inaugural year of K-Kids at …

Special Recognition – Stephanie Parmenter

Stephanie is mom to Isaac (Grade 5) and Eli (Grade 3). Stephanie’s volunteer list is long. Just this year, she is room parent for both of her boys’ classes, Student Advisory Committee member, co-chair for the inaugural year of the K-Kids service club, co-chair of the 5th grade giving project, operetta class point person and …

Special Recognition — Christy Shiers

Christy is mother to Quintin (Grade 2) and Zane (Kindergarten) and is recognized for her dedication to improving the STEM program at Lakeridge. Christy not only advocated for and implemented a new microscope program at the school, but she also took the time to educate both the teachers and students on how to properly utilize them. Through …

Volunteer Service Award – Jodi McCarthy and Wendy Harrison

This award is given to two individuals who have contributed exceptional volunteer service with the PTA organization, the school community and for children at Lakeridge in the classroom, on field trips, or above and beyond as a “worker bee”. We are thrilled to recognize Wendy (mom to Beck, Grade 5) and Jodi (mom to Ainsley, Grade …