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Website Style Guide

Thank you for making your own edits on the site! Please follow these simple style guides. In general, consistency is good because it is easier to process.

  1. NO SENTENCES OR TITLES IN CAPS (Capital letters are hard to read and it sound like YELLING!!!!) Also no extra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. No Colors. It is messy and also hard to read. Also, most people think you should be able to click on a color so colors are confusing.
  3. If you must color your header, please use #1772af. That is the site color. To change the color, you can click on the color text, choose more options and type this color in. I will fix and add colors if you need. No color is best, however.
  4. Use one font size (the default font). Several fonts (even when trying to make a point) make the page hard to read. Each header should be larger (H3) and don’t resize text unless there is an absolute need to do so.
  5. H3 is best for headers and large text sizing. Please use headers if you wish to increase your font size for a topic heading. H3 is the best size. I use that most of the time and it is best to be consistent.
  6. Please don’t cut and paste from a Word document. It is best to copy your Word doc into text and then copy into the web tool. A cut and paste from word brings formatting problems. If you need to cut and paste from word, I can correct the HTML, but I would rather not have to do that. We want documents to appear consistent. Each browser renders tags (even hidden tags) differently so just because it looks ok on your computer, doesn’t mean it looks ok on mine.
  7. Links – Don’t say Click here . It is better to link the words that describe where you are going after you click. Say “Parent Pack” instead of Click here for Parent Pack.
  8. Links – Don’t show the URL especially if it is long. Just underline the text that describes the link.  That is, don’t say Go to Lakeridge PTA website: http”// rather say “Lakeridge PTA Website
  9. Highlighting is OK but use it sparingly
  10. Red text is OK but also use it very sparingly. It looks like an Urgent Alert or Site warning!! PANIC!! It is not a good color for headers (unless it is an urgent header)
  11. Date format should read: September, 13 2007  (not 9/13/2007)
  12. Time Examples:  4:30 p.m., 9-10 a.m.  9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  13. Email. A capital E is only used at the beginning of a sentence. Otherwise you spell email “email”
  14. Stick to edits. Please don’t create a new page unless I have trained you how to do this. You can really mess up the navigation bar and home page. I am happy to empower folks but want to make sure you don’t create extra work or bring down the site.
  15. And of course, no clip art. If you want an image, email the web person and I will add art.


The web person

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