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Green Team

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What is the Green Schools Program?

The Green Schools Program (KCGSP) is sponsored by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Solid Waste Division. Their program mission is to provide King County schools and school districts with tools and support needed to initiate and expand waste reduction and recycling practices and other conservation actions. involve the whole school community in …

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Zero Waste-Mindset

Having a zero-waste mindset means Lakeridge commits to supporting recycling/composting efforts at our school and to help educate students and fellow parents about waste-free lunches and recycling/composting at home. Each year, in keeping with the King County Green Schools Program, Lakeridge challenges the staff and students with a new goal to help us stay on …

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What is a Waste-Free Lunch?

A Waste-Free lunch favors the use of reusable food containers, drink containers, utensils, and napkins. We discourage the use of disposable packaging, such as prepackaged foods, plastic bags, juice boxes and pouches, paper napkins, and disposable utensils. The purpose of this is to create minimal trash from your child’s lunch and to keep as little …

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