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Classroom parties are essentially a break from the normal routine and a chance for the students to socialize.  Extravagant treats and elaborate parties are not necessary to meet this purpose.  Organization is, however, key.

To do before Curriculum Night

At the beginning of the year, before the scheduled curriculum night, please contact your teacher (in conjunction with the Lead Room Parent) with regards to his/her policies with respect to class room parties.  You will find that some teachers have tried and true guidelines while others leave much of the planning up to the parents.  When contacting your teacher:

  • Confirm the parties that will take place during the year.  Generally, there is a Halloween party, Valentine’s Day party and end of the school year party.  Some classes have additional parties such as the 100 day party etc.  Other causes for celebration may arise during the year.
  • Some grades or classes may have certain traditions for certain holidays or events.  Again, please confirm with your teacher whether there are any traditions that he/she would like to see continue.
  • Please check out Sign Up Genius to assist with moving parent party sign ups on line.  Your Room Parent Coordinator is happy to help with training on the site if needed.
  • Confirm  whether you or the teacher will provide volunteer sign-up sheets on curriculum night for the parties.  Essentially the sign-up sheet will  indicate the event and request the names of volunteers for planning the party.  The Halloween party will have a set date and time because the whole school participates in a costume parade.  Your teacher will      determine the date and time for the other parties closer to the date of the event(s).
  • Provide sign-up sheets seeking volunteers for each party.  Or do this on line via
  • Your presentation should come after the teacher’s presentation.

At Curriculum Night

Be there to assist the teacher, encourage volunteers to sign up, and try to fill any empty volunteer slots!


Contact your teacher

Roughly one month prior to the event, you should contact your teacher as to the date and time of the party.  Confirm any guidelines and preferences of your teacher for the party.

Seek volunteers

Weeks before the event, the event coordinator should send out an email to the parents advising them of the date and reminding the parents who agreed to volunteer at curriculum night.  Needless to say, volunteers’ plans may change and you may want to seek additional parents to help with the upcoming party.

It is essentially up to the event coordinator as to how you would like to organize the planning.  Generally, there seems to be two schools of thought.  Some parents seek input on ideas for the party from all the class parents via an invitation to a meeting or by email.  Other parents prefer to organize the ideas for the party and then email the class parents asking for volunteers to bring and coordinate certain snacks, games, crafts etc.   Either way, please remember to follow your teacher’s guidelines and policies.


Included within your teacher’s guidelines should be a summary of the allergies in your classroom and the types of food that may be served. Every precaution must be taken to avoid a life threatening situation.  When requesting any food items from volunteers, please always remind the parents of the allergies in the class.


Classroom Parties: The PTA budget can support up to $50 in reimbursements total for all classroom parties held throughout the year. Room parents should request party supplies as donations from parents and only use these funds in the case of an emergency where you are unable to get any parent support for your parties.

Teacher Gifts: The PTA budget can support up to $50 in reimbursements total for teacher gifts throughout the year (birthday recognition and year-end gift). The PTA can no longer reimburse for gift certificates in any denomination.

Green Guidelines

Lakeridge is a Level 4 Certified King County Green school.   Click here for Green Guidelines for Class Parties.  Please make every effort to have your volunteers follow these guidelines.


During the school year, you will receive reminders and additional information from the Room Parent Coordinator with respect to events.  If  you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Room Parent Coordinator.

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