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Before Curriculum Night

Please contact your teacher prior to the scheduled curriculum night to discuss his/her expectations for curriculum night and your responsibilities during the school year.  Room Parent responsibilities vary from class to class so it is important to communicate with your teacher at the beginning of the year as to his/her needs.

Please check out Sign Up Genius to assist with moving parent sign ups on line (that your teacher wishes to have help with) like conferences, hallway reading, art class assistance, etc.  Your Room Parent Coordinator is happy to help with training on the site if needed.

At Curriculum Night

Again, your teacher will provide input as to what is needed from you at Curriculum Night (i.e.  Whether you are to provide forms to seek volunteers for field trips etc).

Room Parent introductions and verbal requests take place after the teacher’s curriculum presentations.

Use curriculum night as your opportunity to introduce yourself to the parents. If additional volunteers are still needed to support the room parent responsibilities, this would be a good opportunity to ask.

Ask parents to provide contact information on a PARENT INFORMATION SHEET (form included) so that it can be used for the class list until the formal directories arrive.

Throughout the Year

Your specific responsibilities throughout the year will depend on the needs of your teacher but may generally fall under those previously described in the General Room Parent Guidelines.  You will also receive information and directions from the Room Parent Coordinator throughout the year.  You should also feel free to email the Room Parent Coordinator with any questions.

Communication is a large part of your role and every effort such be made to ensure that it is effective.  Emails should be used as necessary to communicate vital information to your parent email list.  Please do not send any personal emails (i.e. jokes, articles etc.) and avoid using “reply all” unless necessary.  An overabundance of emails may discourage parents from reading important communications.

Please do take it online when appropriate. Consider using  to avoid email overload.

Teacher Gifts & Staff Appreciation

It is customary at Lakeridge for the teachers to receive a year-end-gift from the entire class and that the gift is presented at the end of the year party.

The Lakeridge PTA will reimburse up to $50 total for teacher gifts throughout the year. The PTA can not reimburse for gift certificates in ANY denomination. As a room parent, we encourage you to coordinate a gift for your classroom teacher based on their list of “Favorite Things.” For example, if your teacher loves Starbucks, the room parent can purchase a Starbucks mug or Starbucks gift basket for under $50 (which can be reimbursed with receipt) and then offer to collect parent-purchased Starbucks gift cards, in any denomination, from families that choose to participate.

Room parents should coordinate recognition of the teacher’s birthday. You will receive information from the Room Parent Coordinator as to the teacher’s birth date. The PTA does not have specific guidelines on how to celebrate a teacher’s birthday.  Based on teacher feedback, it is recommended, however, that it is done in a very simple and modest way. Room parents may bring in a bouquet of flowers (or have each student bring a flower) or coordinate handmade cards from the kids or remind parents about your teacher’s “Favorite Things” to bring in on their special day. One presentation should be made and kept short and sweet.

You will also receive information from the Room Parent Coordinator and/or the Staff Appreciation Committee during the year requesting assistance with finding volunteers for various events.

Holiday Gifts?

While on the topic of teacher gifts, you may be asked questions regarding a holiday gift for your teacher. Gifts around the holidays should be given on an individual basis and not from the class. Your role is to coordinate the class parties, teacher birthday gifts, and the teacher year-end gift.


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