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Letter from PTA Presidents

Dear Lakeridge Room Parents,

Thank you for volunteering as a Room Parent.  One thing that makes Lakeridge Elementary such a special place is the great working relationship that exists between the parent community and staff.   Through your efforts as a room parent, you will help to make a positive difference in the academic and social lives of the students at Lakeridge. Your time and effort are truly appreciated by everyone in the school community, especially the staff you are helping. And your children love to see you helping out in the classroom!

Lakeridge is a King County Level 4 Green School and the recipient of the US Department of Education’s Green Ribbon School award.  We have committed to being environmentally conscious in our school and classrooms, as well as committing to educating all of our community about why these efforts matter. Please take time to review the Green Party policy as we have switched to reusable party supplies to significantly reduce the amount of trash created by classroom parties.

We hope that this handbook, created by several of our predecessors, provides you with helpful information in fulfilling your duties for the upcoming school year. The Room Parent Coordinator will be making contact with you and will be available throughout the school year to answer any questions. We, the PTA,  look forward to a wonderful school year.

With much appreciation,

Nancy Weil and Elizabeth Evans

2017-18 Lakeridge PTA Co-Presidents


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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