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PTA Liaison

The vision for the evolving role of the PTA Liaison is to have a parent whose function it is to highlight the importance of PTA membership and the many services that are provided through the PTA.  The PTA Liaison will forward information from the PTA Board to the class parents and answer or forward questions from parents to the PTA Board.

PTA Overview of Activities

The Lakeridge PTA has three main areas of concentration that drive its activities, budget and volunteer hours:

1.     Curriculum Support

Objective: Provide additional resources and programs for the school and teachers to broaden core curriculum.

Areas Covered:

  • Reading
  • Science
  • Math
  • Art
  • Music
  • Social Studies

2. Enrichment

Objective: Provide programs, activities and resources that encourage alternative learning opportunities, community and social development.

Areas Covered:

  • Field Trips
  • Green Team Initiatives
  • Assemblies
  • Social Nights and Picnic
  • PALS
  • Teacher Room Allowances (the current year budget will be communicated to you via the room parent coordinator after fees are collected via the PTA ask.)

3.     Learning Support

Objective: Provides additional instruction for students who need 1:1 / small group assistance to progress towards meeting standards for grade level. Long term, this will be expanded to provide individual support for kids meeting & exceeding standard.

Areas Covered:

  • K-5  Reading Interventions
  • K-5 Math  Interventions
  • Structured  Games at Recess
  • Behavior Support at Recess
  • Quiet Group Lunch Option
  • Social Groups Lunch Options

Joining the Lakeridge PTA

One function of the PTA Liaison is to remind and encourage parents to join the PTA.  This should be done at Curriculum Night after the teacher’s presentation.  The message should not be that PTA membership or donations are mandatory.  However, emphasis should be placed on educating parents on the function of the PTA and how PTA funds are used to benefit every child.  Also remind them that the only way for them to obtain access to the password-protected online directory is to join the Lakeridge PTA!

Please remind parents that class donations for parties and gifts, school supplies and field trips are all asked for on line via the PTA Ask form.

Parents should be reminded to go on line to to register for the PTA. Registration forms should also be handed out at Curriculum night. One suggestion is to have a pile of forms that are out on the table with the handouts that the teacher has for the parents, and then call attention to it during your remarks.

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation

Additionally, Lakeridge PTA works hand in hand with the Mercer Island Schools Foundation on the two fundraising drives for the school district. As PTA Liaison, you will be asked to forward information on about events, activities and news related to the drives. We’re not asking you to fundraise personally, but rather to deliver key information at a few points during the school year. The Foundation has two drives:

  1. Fall Phone-A-Thon – This drive is focused on raising funds to provide needed resources to support  student learning by matching critical educational needs of the school district with the generosity of our donors who are passionate about excellence in our public schools. Contributions are used annually for identified and prioritized funding needs for students and their teachers across the district. Donations provide exciting new, relevant classroom curriculum and materials, staff development and provide programs for struggling students that are considered essential to ensuring that all students meet or exceed district, state and federal standards for success.
  2. Bridge The Gap – After years of under-funding of basic education by the Washington State Legislature, The Mercer Island School District has relied on our community’s generous support to keep teachers in the classroom. In the spring of 2011, we were able to save 20 teachers by raising $1.2 million dollars. The Lakeridge PTA works closely with the Foundation on events in the school and raising awareness for parents to attend The Breakfast of Champions, which is a celebration of all the amazing accomplishments of the Mercer Island School District.

Additional information will be provided to the PTA liaison to assist in this education process.



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