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Room Parent Roles & Responsibilities

Room Parent Roles & Responsibilities


  • Establish initial communication with teacher to identify how the teacher likes to work with parents, communicate with parents and use parent volunteers in the classroom
  • Establish initial communication for the class, provide class roster, phone numbers along with e-mail addresses etc.
  • Maintain continued communication with parents, this may include communication regarding key dates for homework, class meetings, field trips etc.
  • Coordinate classroom volunteers (according to teacher wishes)
  • Coordinate chaperones for field trips throughout the year
  • Organize class parties (Generally, this includes a minimum of parties for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and the End of the School Year).
  • Work with Staff Appreciation Committee to assist with coordinated events throughout the year


The above are intended as general guidelines. Please remember that each classroom varies and that your responsibilities may vary as well. In every situation, please reinforce courteous behavior among parents, teachers, students and staff.


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