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SEED – Specialized Education and Excellence for Different Learners

NOTE – We currently do not have a SEED parent chair or committee at Lakeridge but if you are interested in starting it, please contact 


What is SEED?
SEED stands for Specialized Education and Excellence for Different Learners. It is an all-island parent group for parents of children with educational needs that are different than the majority. This includes, but is not limited to, kids with and without IEPs or 504s, children with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome or other diagnoses and any child with learning difficulties or social/behavioral challenges. All are welcome!

What is the SEED Mission?
Our purpose is community and connection, resource sharing and support, positive dialogue and a place to laugh, gain perspective and have fun together. We also want to work collaboratively with the district to encourage implementation of best learning practices for our children.

Possible activities:
1. Regularly scheduled, informal gatherings for parents and/or kids.

2. Meetings, events or speakers on a particular topic.

3. Mentors/key contacts by school or topic, to provide parent-to-parent support.

4. Routine dialogue with district and teaching staff, allowing information and ideas to flow both to and from parents and the district.

5. A closed communication group, moderated but open to all, where parents may pose questions or information and connect to each other.

6. Advocacy, working together and with the PTA Advocacy Committees to work on issues that affect our kids.

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